Nuttall: NI needs full independent, judge led RHI Inquiry. Foster needs to step down



Commenting on the RHI Scandal and the events that have unfolded over the course of the last days and weeks, the Leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall MEP said:


“The people of Northern Ireland demand answers. The spectacle that they witnessed yesterday at Stormont and in the media over the last week is shameful. One half of a Joint First Minister’s office delivering a statement that their partner in Government didn’t sign off on. A defiant and angry First Minister and her party then apportioning blame on everyone but themselves. We also witnessed opposition parties more interested in the politics of stuntery than asking the relevant questions.

In May, Arlene Foster and her party, the DUP claimed that they were the party that could offer strong leadership for Northern Ireland. Given this latest saga,  It would appear that instead of implementing  a plan for a strong Northern Ireland, her party of Government has been found asleep at the wheel. Yesterday, we witnessed a pantomime play out on the benches at Stormont. A defiant, shouty digging in of the heels  on one side of the chamber, and on the other side, toothless opposition. These MLAs would do well to remember that they are there to represent the people (and not themselves or their political parties) first.”

“There are serious questions that need to be answered urgently. Namely: Why in 2012 did the then Enterprise Minister, Mrs. Foster not replicate the scheme as it is in Great Britain which included safeguards? When was the earliest date that Executive Minister(s) (including the current First Minister) knew about the failings, shortcomings and projected overspend in the scheme?  Specifically when and why did the UK Treasury refuse to fund the scheme? Did the First Minister (as has been claimed) receive correspondence from officials in 2013 warning her of the potential failings of the scheme? Who were the individuals that benefited when the scheme was extended and there was suddenly a late flurry of new applicants? Amongst the list of those that benefited, are there donors to one of the Executive Parties? Were unelected Special Advisors and officials unduly influencing, lobbying or making decisions over the head of Government Minister’s? 

These are some of the very serious questions that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency. This saga could ultimately end up costing the Northern Ireland taxpayer up to £400 Million. This shameful and monumental failure by the Northern Ireland Executive needs to be fully investigated. It cannot be fully, fairly  and impartially addressed if the current First Minister remains in place as she would ultimately be involved in initiating the groundwork for any investigation.”

Commenting further, Mr. Nuttall added:


“UKIP is calling for a full, transparent, independent, judge-led public Inquiry into the entirety of the Heat Incentive Scheme. In order to allow any Inquiry to be given a chance of getting to the full truth, Arlene Foster should stand down as the First Minister of Northern Ireland as a matter or urgency. There are simply too many questions that currently remain unanswered.

“Northern Ireland deserves much  better than the shambles that we have witnessed in recent days, weeks and months. The public is losing faith in the politicians at Stormont and understandably trust in their ability to govern in the interests of the people is dwindling daily. As the only national political party with active elected representatives in the four corners of the United Kingdom,  UKIP will be holding local and national political parties and the Government’s feet to the fire to ensure that the public get the answers they deserve.”


RHI: Stormont is a swamp that needs to be drained


Commenting on the RHI Scandal, UKIP Councillor David Jones said:

“Many will have watched Jonathan Bell and Arlene Foster give their frank interviews on BBC Nolan last night and  each person will make up their own mind on which of the accounts to believe.

It was notable from early on that the DUP party faithful were quick to change their social media profiles to declare support for their Leader. One has to question whether this was a spontaneous act? It is much more likely that this was in fact an act orchestrated by their Headquarters. The same can be said regarding the reports of phone calls pledging support.

“It was interesting to hear allegations of the power and influence wielded by Stormont Special Advisors. These ‘SPADS’ are not the ordinary civil servants in the employ of the civil service, but political party appointees or DUP members in highly paid positions (£90,000 salaries.) So who has the final say at Stormont and more widely; who actually runs  our entire Government? It would appear that the ‘SPADS’ are out of control. So who runs the show: The people you elected, or the well paid ‘golden’ advisors?”

Commenting further, Councillor Jones added:

“Another interesting point made by The First Minister herself was when she alleged  that she was verbally abused by Mr. Bell. During her section of the back and forth colleague character assassination, Mrs Foster indicated that not only she, but other females had reported similar behaviour. If this was to happen in any other place of employment, a Senior Manager or board would have to take action if reported. If this is true, why then did Arlene Foster as DUP Leader not report this or take action herself against Bell, as she would have encouraged employees of other companies to do?

“Allegations and accusations will no doubt continue to fly around in the days to come. What is abundantly clear to  onlookers is the fact that Stormont is broken. Those representatives have betrayed the trust placed in them by the electorate.  Many of these individuals have lost any semblance of integrity.

People demand answers. What we, the people need now is a full public inquiry to learn the truth about what has happened here. This is not the first time recently that there have been serious questions raised  in relation to Executive decisions.  Talking to people from across this country, it is clear that faith in our politicians is low.”

“All is not right on the hill. Stormont is a ‘swamp’ that needs drained, and it needs drained now.”

RHI: Secretary of State needs to step in

David McNarry of UKIP is calling on the Northern Ireland Secretary of State to step in and assist with restoring some credibility to Stormont.            

Mr. McNarry is also asking the Secretary Of State to ask the Treasury to fully investigate the Stormont version of the RHI scheme: To have the Treasury confirm when and why it refused to fund this scheme.


Additionally, he is calling on SOS Brokenshire to review the St. Andrews changes to the Belfast Agreement which removed by-elections. 

McNarry: 17.4M voted for total Brexit – not a Tory sideshow 

Commenting on the Tory front-bench ‘turbulence’ on Brexit, David McNarry said:   

“What a carry on we have witnessed from those on the Government benches. First we had the spectacle of our Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson blundering on immigration and amnesties. That was swiftly followed by Brexit Secretary, David Davis continually dodging on payments to stay in the single market.        

Talk about whipping up a ‘soft Brexit’ and providing a boost to those remainers who still seek to completely undermine the June referendum result.”

Mr. McNarry added:

“Is this Tory turbulence on our EU exit a gaffe, or is this the real negotiating plan unfolding in front of our eyes? 

It’s time to harden the line, hold this Government’s feet to the fire and push them on sticking with the total or ‘hard’ Brexit that 17.4 Million people  voted for across the United Kingdom. The people were clear: Leave means Leave. The Tories need to get on with it.”

Jones: Nuttall election marks a big forward move for UKIP

Councillor David Jones has welcomed the election of Paul Nuttall MEP as the new Leader of UKIP.

Cllr. Jones said:

 “Paul Nuttall’s election is a watershed moment for UKIP after all the difficulties of the past few months. Paul has described UKIP as the party for ordinary working people, replacing Labour. It was Paul who engineered the Northern strategy for UKIP targeting Labour seats in the North of England in the first place. Now we will see that strategy delivered by a credible and experienced leader.”

“UKIP will advance nationally from this point forward. The dithering of this Tory government over brexit is no longer credible. Logic alone would dictate that brexit meant leaving the single market. What else could it mean? David Cameron certainly thought so.” 


“This nonsense about staying in the single market is precisely that – nonsense from people who can’t come to terms with the people’s explicitly expressed will. Negotiating a favourable trade deal has nothing to do with staying in the single market. 

It is an entirely new negotiation and the UK’s position will be considerably enhanced if we have a new USA trade deal with President Trump, something Nigel Farage’s close relationship with the new US administration will make possible.”

Cllr. Jones added:

“The future success of the UK is tied up with UKIP. That will become more apparent in the coming days under the clear-sighted leadership of Paul Nuttall.”

McNarry comments on UKIP Leadership result  

Commenting on today’s UKIP Leadership Election announcement, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry said:           

“My warm congratulations to Paul Nuttall MEP. He will be a successful Leader of UKIP. Paul will unite and ignite the Party in terms of dignifying the integrity of the Brexit vote, and in preparing UKIP for the electoral challenges ahead.”

Mr. McNarry added:

“The Prime Minister would do the Country a favour in calling a General Election. UKIP will take many Labour seats and restore lost ground under the leadership of Paul Nuttall.”

What’s in it for Banks asks David Jones


Jones asks why has multi-millionaire Arron Banks said the DUP demanded £30,000 a month to support Leave.EU?

What’s in it for Banks asks David Jones?

Councillor David Jones of UKIP has expressed his disappointment at the allegations made by millionaire Arron Banks that the DUP demanded £30,000 a month to back the Leave.EU campaign during the EU referendum.

“If this has any truth in it, and I do take note that the DUP have denied it, it reflects very badly on Northern Ireland. What I find hard to understand is why Arron Banks has made these allegations. What is in it for him? What can he possibly gain through this? So, why has he said this?”

“People can, at least, have confidence in the fact that UKIP obtained the referendum for them as a matter of principle. Without UKIP pushing for a referendum for years, it would never have happened and people should never forget that.  Through all of this, I urge all who support brexit to stay together because there are enough enemies of brexit in the establishment working dishonestly to undermine the people’s vote in the referendum without brexit supporters falling out.”

UKIP is the true campaigning voice for Brexit in NI and across U.K. 


Responding to reports in the media regarding DUP demands during the EU Referendum campaign, a UKIP Spokesman said:


“Sadly, the claims regarding DUP demands and pre-conditions before lifting a finger to campaign for Brexit come as little surprise to UKIP. This is further evidence to show just how committed certain parties were and are to leaving the EU.

“350,000 committed LEAVE voters in Northern Ireland now have some food for thought in future. The DUP’s level of commitment to Brexit was all too evident throughout the referendum ground campaign, as only a handful of their members made the effort to campaign to LEAVE (for any campaign group).”

“When you add the project-fear peddling remainers of Ulster Unionism to the mix, it is abundantly clear for all to see that UKIP was, is and remains the original and active campaigning voice for Brexit in Northern Ireland and in all corners of the United Kingdom.

We will continue to keep the pressure on the local parties and Prime Minister May’s Government to ensure that leave means leave.”

Jones: Crisis Follows Crisis in local healthcare 

Crisis Follows Crisis.
Another report has been released stating nursing staff found to be under stress at Craigavon Area Hospital.

To those who themselves, or who have had relatives, at A&E or in the hospital this comes as no surprise.

We at UKIP would at this point pay tribute to the nursing staff and in fact all staff at the hospital because while we receive concerns about the hospital the majority of the time tribute is paid to staff, especially the circumstances under which they work.

This report follows hard on the heels of the difficulties at the Portadown Health Centre. Following a local meeting of the BMA it appears the situation could even worsen. 

Councillors, including UKIP Councillor David Jones, who had contact with representatives of the Southern Trust, came away with little confidence the situation would improve drastically in the immediate future.

So where from here? Clearly the answer lies at Stormont and the Executive. We see, however, they are prepared to waste time on issues for which they have little responsibility and can do nothing about rather than deal with this chronic health issue.

Stormont has been in receipt of report after report on health care. Other than piecemeal solutions, nothing much has happened. Of the budget set aside to reduce hospital waiting lists half was hived off to other areas. This is nothing short of criminal.

It is time the nettle of health care in Northern Ireland was grasped and sorted. How many more reports, and at what cost, are required?
The responsibility lies with your MLAs. What are they doing? You need to ask!