Our Vision

UKIP is a national party with a powerful voice and elected representatives in all four corners of the United Kingdom.

We are the one truly national party!



David McNarry with UKIP MP Douglas Carswell
UKIP NI Members with David McNarry and UKIP MEPs from England, Scotland and Wales

UKIP believes in the United Kingdom becoming a democratic, self-governing country once again. Taking back control will only fully be achieved by holding the Government’s feet to the fire to ensure that leave really does mean leave.

For too long, people in Northern Ireland have suffered perpetual Groundhog Day politics. The same old names continually taking votes for granted every couple of years, then rehashing the same sham fights and arguments when elected.

Politics locally has in many ways become a mirror image of the problems nationally; it’s about benefiting those in the political bubble; the political elite, instead of working hard to look after the interests of the ordinary person. We want to change that.

There is so much to be proud about being part of this United Kingdom and the contribution it has made to the world. Northern Ireland is a key part of the UK, so it needs to play its part in national politics and the national conversation. For far too long, we have been perceived as a regional sidekick. 

Brexit has proven that Politics is evolving throughout our nation.  UKIP  has changed politics and the old, stagnant parties are slowly realising that this applies right here in Northern Ireland aswell. 17.4 Million people in total voted in favour of Brexit. That includes the almost 350,000 people here in Northern Ireland that voted to leave. We were the original voice out there from the outset, on the streets campaigning for Brexit. We are the ‘true campaigning voice of Brexit.’ Yes, we won on the day but the battle continues every day to ensure true Brexit happens. 23rd June 2016 was only the beginning. In 2017, we will continue to keep the pressure on the local parties and Prime Minister May’s Government to ensure that leave means leave. UKIP membership is growing here in Northern Ireland and we believe that it’s time for this part of the United Kingdom to play its full part in our national movement for change.

Nigel Farage MEP with Cllr. Noel Jordan
Cllr. David Jones with Nigel Farage MEP and David McNarry

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