Concern expressed over state of Shillingtons Quay Slipway

UKIP have been informed that an article published by Waterways Ireland has claimed that the slipway at Shillingtons Quay is unfit for launching boats.

Councilor David Jones has said, “if this is true, this causes great concern on a number of levels.

Firstly, some 18 months ago, when a user said the slipway was not fit for purpose the Council agreed to pay some £14k to carry out remedial work, even though they claimed a consultant had said that it was fit for purpose. Yes work that one out!

Secondly, we have learned after a period of 18 months this work has not yet been undertaken.

Such revelations, in a widely read boating magazine, will have a negative effect on the areas ability to attract boat users.

We at UKIP are very concerned at these revelations. Regrettably it appears that as well as the Quay not being fit for purpose, questions must be asked of the Chief Executive of ABC Council. We will be raising our concerns as a matter of urgency, in order to get clarity on these issues.”


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