Update on Carcrain/Redmonville

As a result of the tragic events, two weeks ago, efforts to resolve issues at Corcrain/Redmonville have taken on a reinvigorated interest.

Councillor Jones along with other Councillors, Council officers and voluntary groups have been engaged in a process to develop a plan of action.

Councillor Jones said, “After speaking to the young people it became clear that they wanted a place they could meet with friends in a safe environment. I am pleased to say Council officers have been able to secure the Martial Arts Centre (previously the Community Centre) for the young people to use, as a supervised meeting place. It is hoped the Y Zone/YMCA will also be able to use this facility to develop a relationship with young people and discuss various issues with them.

Thanks to all the voluntary agencies and the owner of the Martial Arts Centre for their cooperation and assistance.

We would hope finance will be made available to update and make the current pitches more user friendly, along with the removal of some vegetation from the woodlands.

It is also intended to have a presence from voluntary groups at the Corcrain Woodland area/Pitches at weekends. Work will continue with the PSNI to discourage and remove the drug dealers, as well as a campaign of awareness on under age drinking with off licenses.”

Councillor Jones continued, “I would like to thank all those who provided information to the PSNI following the death of Caitlin. That was invaluable. Please if you have further information on the drug dealers and suppliers, anywhere, do pass it onto the police, or any of the elected representatives or someone you trust.

Credit must be passed onto the community for responding to events as they have done. These actions will not only help this area but will be a template for other areas of the Borough experiencing similar problems. These efforts are not short term. We must continue to provide support and direction to our young people, the future generation.”


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