Support Brexit Candidates in Northern Ireland

UKIP Councillor David Jones has called for the people of Northern Ireland to support Brexit candidates in the forthcoming General Election.

“Speaking at the launch of his Party’s election campaign in Newry, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams, said that Northern Ireland must remain in the EU.

Changed times from 1974 when Sinn Fein actively campaigned against Ireland joining the EU; as it would, in their opinion, lose it’s national identity. Changed times indeed; however we should not be surprised at Sinn Fein U-turn, after all Sinn Fein are an opportunist party. Their only reason for wanting to remain in the EU is to weaken Northern Ireland’s British identity and it’s place within the United Kingdom.

Even his economic argument is flawed. He stated that all of Ireland should remain in the EU in order to benefit from the Common Agricultural Programme and the Peace Process. On the economic argument Adams forgets Irish Farmers, businesses and small traders do over one billion euro of business with the United Kingdom every week. The EU has been allowed to plunder the fisheries of Irish waters for years and now wants to impose a Common Consolidated Corporation Tax, which would remove Ireland’s ability to collect tax from companies who’s headquarters are located in the Republic of Ireland.

As for the benefits to the Peace Process, we can only assume these are the so-called benefits to Sinn Fein linked groups, that prevent Sinn Fein/IRA from returning to violence.

Clearly, Gerry Adams realises Brexit not only means Northern Ireland leaving the EU and remaining in the United Kingdom but also that hopes of a United Ireland disappear.

It is therefore important that everyone in Northern Ireland supports Brexit candidates in the General Election.

The United Kingdom as a whole voted to leave the EU and that’s what will happen”


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