McNarry: “Conversation with the Prime Minister”

My “conversation” with Prime Minister, Theresa May

By David McNarry
I had a conversation yesterday with the Prime Minister. I mentioned how I appreciated her concentration was fixed on Brexit. I reminded her that on Brexit,  I campaigned on the ‘winning side’.

Prime Minister, I said, might I distract you for a few moments to discuss my concerns over the political nonsense happening here in Northern Ireland. I can’t speak for all our people, but trust me; I do express the views of by far the greater number of British Unionists. My country, Prime Minister, is stumbling into a crisis caused in no small part by the calling of this unnecessary election. The agenda outworking is alarming.

Brexit will play a pivotal part of tactics in negotiations following the election. Prime Minister, you should be aware of collaboration well tied in between Nicola Sturgeon, Gerry Adams and every party leader in the Republic of Ireland. A meeting of minds to end devolution here and weaken, if not destroy the Union. It is the Irish Europeans and Scottish Anti-Unionists pushing together against Northern Ireland.

Before you know it, Prime Minister, our quality of life, economic and security stability will be under threat. Our improving community relations will be set back for decades. People will be on the streets protesting.

All I ask at this time in our conversation is that you move swiftly to copper fasten a safeguarding of a guaranteed Union between Parliament, your government and the nation called Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister, take a while to think about what I now ask, but not too long. You need to promise to restore Stormont and pledge that your government will play no part in Joint Authority. Indeed Prime Minister, such are my concerns I think it is time that you repudiated any notion of a United Ireland.

Unfortunately, as reality kicks in, I had no such conversation with the Prime Minister. Even writing this has given me satisfaction in saying what I would like to say. Most importantly, I trust that for all our sakes,  Theresa May MP is aware of what is at stake here. She needs to be told before polling day.


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