UKIP Jordan calls on towns & villages here to twin with mainland towns and villages


Councillor Noel Jordan, the UKIP Assembly Candidate for  East Antrim  in the upcoming  election has called for towns and villages across Northern Ireland to set up twinning arrangements with towns in other parts of the UK.

“People here need to begin to smell the coffee and realise just how far down the road to a united Ireland we already are. This is a nationalist narrative and not a unionist narrative. People need to realise that our local parties here are are selling them a ‘little Northern Ireland’ story. That is a dangerous mentality. We need to start to reassert our unionist identity. That means closer union with mainland Britain. So I encourage unionist run councils across Northern Ireland to establish links to towns and villages in other parts of the UK.

“Just think about it. Elections here bring out just how different we are from mainland Britain. We have different parties, and are dominated by inward-looking local issues, often ignoring the very real bread and butter issues which have such a big impact on our people’s standard of living. This is a conjuring trick. It takes people’s attention away from real economic issues which would change their lives and prosperity. This is just a big game that suits the non-achieving, parochial local parties and it is part of the reason why they are selling people here short. They all gain and the people are the losers. It’s time to call time on this charade.”

Cllr. Jordan added:

“If there is ever a major challenge to Northern Ireland’s status as part of the UK, such as the Joint sovereignty of Northern Ireland by the UK and Irish Republic currently being mooted by Sinn Fein and the SDLP; the allies of the Ulster Unionist Party, then Northern Ireland will need political friends on the mainland. Can they trust the Tories? Certainly not. Can they trust Corbyn, the IRA sympathising Labour Leader? I hardly think so.

Northern Ireland will need friends. UKIP is the political force of the future and the patriotic party of the people for the entire United Kingdom; that includes Northern Ireland. So a vote for Noel Jordan and UKIP in East Antrim would be a wise vote for the British future of you and your kids.”


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