Jones explains why UKIP will not run in Upper Bann this time

Jones explains why UKIP will not run in Upper Bann this time

Councillor David Jones of UKIP Upper Bann has said : 
By now nominations will have been deposited at Electoral Offices for the forth coming Elections to the Stormont Assembly. While UKIP is fielding a candidate at East Antrim constituency we at Upper Bann decided we would not run a candidate. We did not consider it appropriate to run a candidate in an election called at the behest of Sinn Fein. The RHI scandal was used as an excuse to trigger this election but Sinn Fein knew about the RHI scandal for over a year and did nothing. 

We all know Sinn Fein have sought a border poll for some time. With the local Brexit result they thought with this they could bring a United Ireland closer. Being told by HM Government each region would not have a say they then moved to call an Assembly election, manipulating the arrogance of the DUP to facilitate it. This election has now effectively turned into a border poll.

We believe if Sinn Fein are to return to the Executive they will have been granted or promised a raft of concessions : the Irish Language Act and prosecution of security forces to name but two.

We do not see a First or so called deputy First Minister being agreed, leading to a prolonged period of negotiations and suspension of Stormont. Following negotiations the likely outcome will either be further concessions to republicans or the collapse of Stormont. This election has little to do with the people or their worries on health, education, employment, immigration or our children’s future. This election has all to do with the Parties vying for power in an time-wasting and ineffective legislature.

We in UKIP are building for the future. We believe the existing unionist Parties have been weighed in the balance and found wanting in their efforts for the ordinary people. If any vote should be taking place now it should be whether to support the current Stormont set up or move on to a more democratic and purposeful system, focussed on efficient and effective delivery of services and not on the endless time-wasting which has characterised Stormont. We believe this can be done. 

UKIP is the only national Party with representatives in all four corners of the United Kingdom. We are comfortable in the Union and it is safe with us. As a growing Party we look forward to increased representation at Westminster, throughout the regions and at Council level. We will continue to grow and work for the ordinary people. We are not parochial. We look further afield. We will work to make sure Northern Ireland grows politically and is effectively administered in the areas of medicine, education, employment, immigration, infrastructure and the environment. These are the real issues that are important to us all. UKIP was the Party that achieved Brexit. Without us it would not have happened. In Northern Ireland we can achieve much with your assistance and are working to do that.
UKIP is the new Unionism. Be part of it.   
We would advise everyone to exercise their democratic right to vote in this election even though the outcome is likely to amount to very little. Use you vote wisely by going down the card as far as you can go, not just 1 and 2. We wish Noel Jordan UKIP in East Antrim well. Vote UKIP – Get UKIP


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