Sinn Fein guilty of culpable negligence in not setting a draft budget

Jones says Sinn Fein guilty of culpable negligence in not setting a draft budget. It’s a betrayal of the health and education services by reckless bullies

Councillor David Jones of UKIP has said that the outgoing Finance Minister, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, is guilty of culpable negligence in not even publishing a draft budget before Sinn Fein’s stunt walkout from the power sharing government at Stormont.
“Apparently political stunts like the mass Sinn Fein resignation matters more to Sinn Fein that setting a budget for our beleaguered health and education services. There is considerable concern that civil servants will not be able to fix the budget in the event of an Executive being formed after this uncalled for and wasteful election because a a draft budget to guide them is just not there. It could well mean that a direct rule intervention will become necessary.”
“Make no mistake about it, Sinn Fein have walked and want a whole raft of new concessions before they will even consider coming back. It is my belief that we will have to seek new democratic ways of running the government of Northern Ireland, other than the present Assembly, by the summer,” commented the UKIP Councillor.


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