RHI: Stormont is a swamp that needs to be drained


Commenting on the RHI Scandal, UKIP Councillor David Jones said:

“Many will have watched Jonathan Bell and Arlene Foster give their frank interviews on BBC Nolan last night and  each person will make up their own mind on which of the accounts to believe.

It was notable from early on that the DUP party faithful were quick to change their social media profiles to declare support for their Leader. One has to question whether this was a spontaneous act? It is much more likely that this was in fact an act orchestrated by their Headquarters. The same can be said regarding the reports of phone calls pledging support.

“It was interesting to hear allegations of the power and influence wielded by Stormont Special Advisors. These ‘SPADS’ are not the ordinary civil servants in the employ of the civil service, but political party appointees or DUP members in highly paid positions (£90,000 salaries.) So who has the final say at Stormont and more widely; who actually runs  our entire Government? It would appear that the ‘SPADS’ are out of control. So who runs the show: The people you elected, or the well paid ‘golden’ advisors?”

Commenting further, Councillor Jones added:

“Another interesting point made by The First Minister herself was when she alleged  that she was verbally abused by Mr. Bell. During her section of the back and forth colleague character assassination, Mrs Foster indicated that not only she, but other females had reported similar behaviour. If this was to happen in any other place of employment, a Senior Manager or board would have to take action if reported. If this is true, why then did Arlene Foster as DUP Leader not report this or take action herself against Bell, as she would have encouraged employees of other companies to do?

“Allegations and accusations will no doubt continue to fly around in the days to come. What is abundantly clear to  onlookers is the fact that Stormont is broken. Those representatives have betrayed the trust placed in them by the electorate.  Many of these individuals have lost any semblance of integrity.

People demand answers. What we, the people need now is a full public inquiry to learn the truth about what has happened here. This is not the first time recently that there have been serious questions raised  in relation to Executive decisions.  Talking to people from across this country, it is clear that faith in our politicians is low.”

“All is not right on the hill. Stormont is a ‘swamp’ that needs drained, and it needs drained now.”


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