Jones: Nuttall election marks a big forward move for UKIP

Councillor David Jones has welcomed the election of Paul Nuttall MEP as the new Leader of UKIP.

Cllr. Jones said:

 “Paul Nuttall’s election is a watershed moment for UKIP after all the difficulties of the past few months. Paul has described UKIP as the party for ordinary working people, replacing Labour. It was Paul who engineered the Northern strategy for UKIP targeting Labour seats in the North of England in the first place. Now we will see that strategy delivered by a credible and experienced leader.”

“UKIP will advance nationally from this point forward. The dithering of this Tory government over brexit is no longer credible. Logic alone would dictate that brexit meant leaving the single market. What else could it mean? David Cameron certainly thought so.” 


“This nonsense about staying in the single market is precisely that – nonsense from people who can’t come to terms with the people’s explicitly expressed will. Negotiating a favourable trade deal has nothing to do with staying in the single market. 

It is an entirely new negotiation and the UK’s position will be considerably enhanced if we have a new USA trade deal with President Trump, something Nigel Farage’s close relationship with the new US administration will make possible.”

Cllr. Jones added:

“The future success of the UK is tied up with UKIP. That will become more apparent in the coming days under the clear-sighted leadership of Paul Nuttall.”


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