What’s in it for Banks asks David Jones


Jones asks why has multi-millionaire Arron Banks said the DUP demanded £30,000 a month to support Leave.EU?

What’s in it for Banks asks David Jones?

Councillor David Jones of UKIP has expressed his disappointment at the allegations made by millionaire Arron Banks that the DUP demanded £30,000 a month to back the Leave.EU campaign during the EU referendum.

“If this has any truth in it, and I do take note that the DUP have denied it, it reflects very badly on Northern Ireland. What I find hard to understand is why Arron Banks has made these allegations. What is in it for him? What can he possibly gain through this? So, why has he said this?”

“People can, at least, have confidence in the fact that UKIP obtained the referendum for them as a matter of principle. Without UKIP pushing for a referendum for years, it would never have happened and people should never forget that.  Through all of this, I urge all who support brexit to stay together because there are enough enemies of brexit in the establishment working dishonestly to undermine the people’s vote in the referendum without brexit supporters falling out.”


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