UKIP is the true campaigning voice for Brexit in NI and across U.K. 


Responding to reports in the media regarding DUP demands during the EU Referendum campaign, a UKIP Spokesman said:


“Sadly, the claims regarding DUP demands and pre-conditions before lifting a finger to campaign for Brexit come as little surprise to UKIP. This is further evidence to show just how committed certain parties were and are to leaving the EU.

“350,000 committed LEAVE voters in Northern Ireland now have some food for thought in future. The DUP’s level of commitment to Brexit was all too evident throughout the referendum ground campaign, as only a handful of their members made the effort to campaign to LEAVE (for any campaign group).”

“When you add the project-fear peddling remainers of Ulster Unionism to the mix, it is abundantly clear for all to see that UKIP was, is and remains the original and active campaigning voice for Brexit in Northern Ireland and in all corners of the United Kingdom.

We will continue to keep the pressure on the local parties and Prime Minister May’s Government to ensure that leave means leave.”


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