Jones: Crisis Follows Crisis in local healthcare 

Crisis Follows Crisis.
Another report has been released stating nursing staff found to be under stress at Craigavon Area Hospital.

To those who themselves, or who have had relatives, at A&E or in the hospital this comes as no surprise.

We at UKIP would at this point pay tribute to the nursing staff and in fact all staff at the hospital because while we receive concerns about the hospital the majority of the time tribute is paid to staff, especially the circumstances under which they work.

This report follows hard on the heels of the difficulties at the Portadown Health Centre. Following a local meeting of the BMA it appears the situation could even worsen. 

Councillors, including UKIP Councillor David Jones, who had contact with representatives of the Southern Trust, came away with little confidence the situation would improve drastically in the immediate future.

So where from here? Clearly the answer lies at Stormont and the Executive. We see, however, they are prepared to waste time on issues for which they have little responsibility and can do nothing about rather than deal with this chronic health issue.

Stormont has been in receipt of report after report on health care. Other than piecemeal solutions, nothing much has happened. Of the budget set aside to reduce hospital waiting lists half was hived off to other areas. This is nothing short of criminal.

It is time the nettle of health care in Northern Ireland was grasped and sorted. How many more reports, and at what cost, are required?
The responsibility lies with your MLAs. What are they doing? You need to ask!


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