Prime Minister’s letter to First & Deputy First Minister is worrying: A Capitulation on border control



Responding to the Prime Minister – Theresa May’s letter to the First and Deputy First Minister, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry said:


“The Prime Minister’s letter is worrying. This letter portrays a downplaying of Border Controls and it gives the game of double-talk away. The Prime Minister refers to ‘free movement of people.’ Borders cannot be controlled when continuing to allow the unlimited free movement of people, meaning ‘all people‘.

“In June, 17.4 Million people voted to take back control right across this United Kingdom-  that includes Northern Ireland.”

Mr. McNarry added:


“The message emanating from Ten Downing Street appears to be a capitulation to letting unlimited border crossing into the United Kingdom from anywhere –  via the Irish Republic. We must press for clarification on Mrs May throwing open a porous border.”


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