Parkhill of UKIP calls for referendum on voluntary coalition

At only 23 years old, Steven Parkhill, the UKIP candidate for East Londonderry, is one of the youngest candidates in this election and a recent graduate from Ulster University.

“With youth unemployment 53% higher here than in the rest of the UK, this is a deplorable indictment of this mandatory coalition at Stormont. The system is past its sell-by date and the longer it endures, the more our self-confidence in Northern Ireland suffers. The people are mature enough to support a voluntary coalition which puts a real legislative programme before the people for approval and does not say – vote for us and we’ll arrange things behind closed doors after the election. The present coalition is a coalition of parties too frightened to push forward. The answer is to put the introduction of voluntary coalition, as opposed to mandatory coalition, before the people in a referendum. A voluntary coalition will, in the long term, save money. We should test Sinn Fein’s adherence to the peace process, both in and out of government. Voluntary coalition would enable a more normal form of politics to develop here, anchored on the very real economic issues that face ordinary people.”



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