McNarry and Nuttall question big increase in organised migrant postal voting

David McNarry, UKIP’s Northern Ireland Leader, has questioned the level of migrant postal voting in the Stormont elections and the EU referendum.

“Reliable and well-places sources have told me that there has been an orchestrated surge in a demand for postal votes from thousands of non-UK nationals here in Northern Ireland to vote in the Assembly election and the EU referendum. Who is orchestrating that surge and what lies behind it are serious questions that need to be addressed.”

“It is a ludicrous situation that migrants can vote on this situation while ex-pats are being denied a vote. That such a double-standard is being applied, is deeply worrying. What concerns me most is that migrants are marshalled to vote for Sinn Fein in the Assembly election and to vote for staying in the EU in the referendum.”

“I discussed this matter with UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall MEP. He has a particular interest in this because he is conducting an enquiry into the use of large number of postal votes in the immigrant community in the Oldham by-election. We are both concerned at the rising evidence of widespread electoral malpractice right across the UK. It devalues politics further,if that were possible, and takes away legitimacy from elected institutions.”

“It smacks of crass hypocrisy that this is going on right under the government’s noses yet they are denying ex-pats a vote in the referendum. It gives a whole new meaning to double standards.”



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