McNarry looks to another President who will respect UK’s freedom to choose


David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s Northern Ireland Leader, speaking about President Obama’s intervention in the EU debate, has said :

“Obama’s warning frankly sounds more like a threat than a friendly intervention. We are not the 51st state. We were an independent country when his country did not exist. In fact, were the colonial power which ran his country. It is reprehensible for him to berate another nation making a democratic decision through the ballot box. 

“How much will this big favour for Cameron cost? In a few months, neither Obama nor Cameron might be around and a new US President might be elected who will be a better friend to the UK and respect UK sovereignty which, clearly, Obama does not. I believe Obama does not represent most Americans when he behaves like this. The United Kingdom has to look after its own interests and we are capable of doing that without such an overbearing and unwanted intervention.”


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