Sinn Fein Poster an Insult to the electorate.

Alan Love, UKIP Assembly Candidate for Newry and Armagh, is astonished at the sheer arrogance of Sinn Fein as expressed in some of their posters appearing in the Newry and Armagh Constituency.

Mr Love explained, “These posters exhort voters to back Sinn Fein to show the World that Ireland is not part of England. A brief glance at any good atlas should confirm that fact.

“Of course, the voters know that part of this island is the Republic of Ireland, not noted for being part of England, while Northern Ireland is an equal partner of nations in the United Kingdom along with Scotland, Wales and England. Only Sinn Fein activists seem to have trouble grasping this. These posters give the impression of utter contempt for the intelligence of those whose vote they seek.

Mr Love went on to say, “While I am an uncompromising Unionist, I know there are many voters in Newry and Armagh who aspire to an Independent United Ireland. These people have been sold out completely by Sinn Fein to the Imperial ambitions of the European Union. Sinn Fein’s recent policies in both parts of Ireland have been to push towards ever closer union with that undemocratic corrupt body.

“During recent commemorations the Sinn Fein “Starry Plough” flag was much in evidence. If they have their way, Sinn Fein will reduce that symbol to a single star on someone else’s flag and their song will be ‘….and Ireland, once a nation, be a province once again.’

Mr Love had this appeal for responsible nationalist voters, “We may have very different aspirations for the future of our land but I am inviting you to at least walk part of the way down the road with UKIP. A vote for UKIP on 05 May is a vote for Freedom and the only way we can extricate ourselves from the growing tentacles of the European Union.”



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