McNarry says Treasury should not set up in the ‘Mystic Meg’ business anytime soon

David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s Northern Ireland Leader, has said that Treasury scaremongering should be viewed as a nervous reaction from the Government.

“The Treasury couldn’t predict next week’s forecast let alone predict what will happen in 2030 !” said Mr McNarry.

UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry has said “People should view the Treasury scaremongering as a nervous reaction from a Government which is losing the touch with the truth and has already lost the trust of eurosceptics. The treasury’s track record in the prediction business has already been spectacular. They failed to forecast the huge damage membership of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism inflicted on us. They were always very keen to join us up and it gave us a huge recession. They failed to forecast the damage to the UK of the Eurozone crisis of 2011. I would advise the Treasury not to set up in the ‘Mystic Meg’ business anytime soon!”

Commenting further Mr McNarry said, “This latest forecast comes from  a Government which cannot calculate correctly the number of illegal immigrants in the Country. Who believes them when they can’t count! Let’s hope a fair media give equal coverage to the non – government economists capable of knocking back the Treasury porkies!”



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