McNarry says Nesbitt’s UUP U-turn is only a cheap headline

David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s Northern Ireland Leader, commenting on UUP Leader Mike Nesbitt’s decision to re-enter the NI Executive, has said :

“Once again the weather vane that is the Ulster Unionists has turned. What does this latest move away from a position of ‘principled opposition’ to rejoining the Stormont gravy train tell us? It tells us that they will always do what they think is best for them. It was not always that way. It tells us that we are dealing with a leader who is profoundly superficial. It tells us that these Ulster Unionists will always work for the Ulster Unionists. Nothing has changed. The security assessment on the IRA is no different. These dramatic shifts in position by Mr Nesbitt are designed simply to catch the passing headlines. It is tabloid politics of the very worst kind. It is not driven by conviction. Mike Nesbitt knows he has no hope of gaining the Education Ministry but he tells the public taking the education ministry is his priority, safe in the knowledge that it will not happen. He knows it is good for a quick headline. This is politics of the shallowest kind.”



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