Councillor Donna Anderson of UKIP calls for an extension to DSD public consultation over St Patrick’s Barracks Ballymena

Councillor Donna Anderson, UKIPs Assembly candidate in North Antrim, has called for an extension of DSD’s public consultation on the future use of St Patrick’s Barracks in Ballymena.

“DSD’s imposition of a one week consultation period on this process during an election and at a time when the Minister is not available, is totally unacceptable. The whole point about a public consultation is that the public are properly consulted and feel consulted. This one week time window which I understand has been imposed, does not give community groups time to work together properly to bring forward proper proposals commanding widespread community support. Surely DSD would not be a party to restricting the consultation time-window simply to push forward their own proposal which might not be acceptable to the community? If that were true it would amount to sharp practice.”

“My party leader David McNarry, is approaching the DSD Minister by personal email with a view to having this matter sorted out to the public’s satisfaction. There is widespread community support for a regimental museum reflecting the regiments who served in St Patrick’s Barracks but the community groups need time to finalise details.”



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