City sized traffic problems in Lisburn – 44 traffic lights 


Brian Higginson of UKIP says 44 traffic lights in Lisburn : six traffic lights between the end of Railway Street and McCall’s shop corner

Institute of Economic Affairs wants to rip out 80% of UKs traffic lights – let us undo the damage DRD has caused says Higginson

Brian Higginson, UKIPs Assembly candidate for Lagan Valley in May’s election, has said that many of Lisburn’s problem he believed stemmed from the grant of city status to the town.

“When Lisburn became a city, it is quite clear the DRD for one thought they should give us city-sized traffic problems. Traffic lights mushroomed all over the place and almost at once, traffic snarled up. It is not as bad as Belfast but that says very little because Belfast is now officially the most snarled-up traffic city in the UK. Lisburn is bad, however, by anybody’s standards. With 44 traffic lights, Lisburn alone has almost 5% of the Northern Ireland total of 1055. Ballymena has only 15 sets of traffic lights. Newry has 23. Why, for example, in Lisburn city centre are there no fewer than five sets of traffic lights between the railway station at the end of Railway Street and McCall’s shop corner? Why is there only one lane instead of the previous two taking traffic from Railway Street through the town centre? Now with ‘city’ centre traffic reduced to only one lane, you have got to question the common sense of the people involved in planning this.” 

“On 25th January, the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) said that the huge increase in the number of traffic regulations over the past 20 years has imposed a heavy burden on the UK economy. Just a 2 minute delay to every car journey equates to a loss of approximately £16 billion every year. This is equivalent to 1% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).”

“It is quite clear that the DRD planners have not made a cost benefit analysis of the range of regulations they have imposed. These include traffic lights, speed cameras and bus lanes. They are making ordinary people’s lives a misery. The number of traffic lights across the UK has increased by 25% since 2000 while the number of vehicles has only increased by 5% over the same period.

“The much respected Institute of Economic Affairs, (IEA) now wants to rip out 80% of the UK’s traffic lights to boost the economy and improve road safety. Why don’t we make a start in Lisburn?”

“Just as the money raised from car parking fines does nothing to benefit the people of Lisburn, the people running our traffic system in DRD who have caused traffic chaos in Lisburn are not doing this for the benefit of Lisburn. It may have more to do with some civil servants building their career CVs on the back of wasted public money than it has to do with common sense. We must take back control of our streets. When DRD is abolished in the departmental shake-up at Stormont that is due this year, we should take the opportunity to undo most of the damage they have caused.”


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