Boyle takes action in community cleanup


UKIP Assembly Candidate for North Belfast,  Ken Boyle has taken action to tidy up Poyntz Court Sydney.

Commenting Mr. Boyle said: 

“Residents of Poyntz Court had contacted me regarding litter and the general untidiness of the area. I had contacted NB housing on their behalf on a number of occasions. I am totally dismayed that the housing association took no action.

“We at UKIP believe in a hands on approach, so I made my way down to Poyntz court and got the job done. I would like to thank the residents who joined me in this cleanup operation.”

Commenting further, Mr Boyle added:

“Residents pay £1.53 a week directly to NB housing they are led to believe this fee should cover a caretaker who is suppose to maintain the area. NB Housing maybe asleep on the job, but UKIP certainly isn’t. I ask that this matter is looked into and an acceptable resolution is reached.”


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