McNarry warns EU referendum here could be swung by foreign EU born voters


McNarry warns EU referendum here could be swung by foreign EU born voters

UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry understands that postal vote applications for the 2014 EU Parliament election from EU foreign nationals living in Northern Ireland was extremely high. He added,

“It is reasonable to infer from this that it is likely that the level of applications for the EU Referendum will be equally high given that more foreign nationals live here than at the time of the EU Parliament election in 2014.” “It is well known that a higher number of foreign nationals usually vote for Sinn Fein and the SDLP and it, therefore, follows they are likely to vote ‘YES to stay in the EU’. They obviously wouldn’t vote to have our borders controlled nor, I assume, would they want freedom of movement curtailed.” “In the light of this likely impact from foreign EU nationals voting yes, it is imperative that the ‘NO-BREXIT VOTE’ is maximised to counter the foreign nationals vote.  Their vote and their use of postal voting has to be combatted. The result is going to be close. It would be a terrible irony if UK born Nationals are undone in the referendum by foreign voters” “This must also be an issue in Wales and Scotland.”



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