Higginson: Clinton is big on exaggerations & non-existent on facts


Brian Higginson, UKIP’s Assembly candidate for Lagan Valley, has said that former US President Bill Clinton should keep out of the EU referendum. 

“Comments by former President Clinton that Northern Ireland would get ‘whacked’ if the UK left the EU are, like all the tactics of the stay-in campaign, short of facts and big on unfounded exaggerations. Not only is this remark irresponsible – it is undesirable that a former US President should interfere in this way in internal UK affairs, it is also not impartial advice.”

Mr. Higginson added:

“Americans will always do what is in America’s interests and that can often be not in the UKs interests. Was it in our interests, for example, to go into the Iraq war on the basis of fabricated evidence, just to suit the Americans? I don’t think so. Well, by the same token, American advice is most definitely not wanted in what is an internal UK matter.” 


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