Parkhill: Farmers have Zero to Fear from Brexit


UKIP assembly candidate for East Londonderry, Steven Parkhill has called for a UK led agriculture policy which will address the genuine issues faced by British farmers.

Mr Parkhill said:

“The CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) is geared against UK taxpayers and farmers. Previously, UK farmers received 50% of the £6 billion the UK contributes towards the CAP, however this has diminished over time and they now only receive 38%, leaving many farmers wondering if they will get a better share of the amount we pay into the EU if we succeed in leaving.

“CAP is not an ideal policy for our British farmers. It is extremely bureaucratic. Our farmers often find themselves facing fines and sanctions for failing to comply with over burdensome and complex rules made by unelected EU officials who have a serious lack of knowledge on the UK’s farming industry. George Eustice, the Minister of State for Farming, has already pointed out how 80% of legislation affecting DEFRA comes from the EU. Removing much of this red tape will not only make British farmers’ lives easier and with less paperwork, but will also make their farms more competitive.

Outside of the EU our agricultural policy will be better directed from here in the UK. This will allow for a far greater tailored and flexible policy, which addresses the genuine issues faced by British farmers. Such an approach will not only be more effective, but also more efficient, as it will enable us to cut out the EU middle-man.

Mr. Parkhill added:

“Following Brexit the two year period, stated under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, will give DEFRA plenty of time to take over the reins of the UK’s agricultural policy. This will enable the implementation of a more effective agricultural policy, better suited to the needs of British farmers. This will also mean they will survive and thrive long into the future. Britain’s farmers should dismiss the scaremongering and instead vote to Get Britain Out of the EU.”


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