JONES: No Road Crossing – but a Bicycle Shed instead!

David Jones

No Road safety Crossing – but a Bicycle Shed instead for Harte Memorial School!

In January of this year, following an announcement by Transport Minister McIlveen that a £100,000 scheme for a cycle track and priority crossing was set to begin at the local Integrated School; UKIP Assembly Candidate for Upper Bann, Councillor David Jones asked why nothing had been done to provide a crossing at the Harte Memorial Primary School in spite of repeated requests.

Following a question to the Minister – she has replied “a crossing has not been provided as the volume of traffic did not warrant it.”  Minister McIlveen did however announce finance has been made available to the Harte Memorial to provide an “extra bicycle shed.”

Commenting on this, Councillor Jones said:

“I find both the assessment and announcement of a funding for a bicycle shed absolutely ridiculous. One only has to be at this school at peak times to see the sheer amount of traffic – both light and heavy vehicles, passing the school. The school recently received an award for encouraging pupils to walk – but it is on a major link road. The issue of a crossing was regarded important enough for the local DUP MP and local Councillors along with myself to be present for a photo call to highlight this clear danger. Now it would seem that the local DUP Councillors and MP are making no comment; hardly surprising since it is a DUP Minister after-all who refused this much-needed crossing. I and UKIP will continue to make representation in respect of a crossing for the safety of pupils at the Harte.”



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