Alan Day debunks IN campaign’s false claims in leaflet 

UKIP Mid Ulster candidate, Alan Day has responded to the recent Stronger IN Northern Ireland leaflet.


Alan stated:

“People will recently have received literature from the Stronger IN campaign which has many inaccuracies. There was no mention of the democratic deficit in the EU institutions, the huge £10 billion annual net contribution, the devastation to our fishing industries or of uncontrolled mass immigration causing wage compression.

False claim 1 – ‘Over 50,000 local jobs are linked to our exports to the EU’: The IN campaign are trying to suggest that jobs and trade depend on our EU membership. Yet many countries around the world trade freely with the EU without accepting the supremacy of EU law or sending billions to the EU. David Cameron has even admitted that trading would go on after we Vote Leave.

False claim 2 – ‘Being in the EU means you get lower prices in the shops’: The independent House of Commons Library has concluded that EU membership actually increases consumer prices across a range of goods. And according to the Institute of Economic Affairs – food prices are 17% higher in the EU compared to world wholesale prices – due to EU regulations and tariffs. It is telling that BSE choose to cite evidence from the European Commission to back up their claim, rather than an independent source.

False claim 3 – ‘For every £1 we put into the EU, we get almost ten back’: This figure comes from the EU-funded CBI, and has been widely criticised and dismissed by academics and politicians. Channel 4’s FactCheck concluded that it was ‘not based on any real evidence’. Andrew Tyrie MP, chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, described the statistic as ‘misleading’ and ‘a scandalous abuse of data’, before warning BSE that it is ‘intellectually dishonest to persist with these claims’. Even Lord Rose of Monewden, the chairman of BSE, admitted that the figure is ‘very quick and dirty’.

False claim 4 – ‘200,000 UK businesses trade with the EU, helping them to create jobs here in the UK’: BSE are again conflating trade with the EU and EU membership. The head of the IN campaign, Will Straw, had admitted that trade would continue after we Vote Leave. The reality is that only 5% of UK businesses trade with the EU, yet 100% have to comply with burdensome EU regulation which costs businesses £600 million per week.

False claim 5 – ‘The UK gets £66 million of investment every day from EU countries’: BSE wrongly suggest that companies invest in the UK because of our EU membership. Businesses come to the UK due to our highly skilled workforce, our strong legal system and because English is the language of business. Similar claims of a fall in investment were made if the UK did not join the euro. They were wrong then, and they’re wrong now.

False claim 6 – ‘We are safer thanks to the European Arrest Warrant – we would lose this if we left Europe’: The UK works with countries all over the world to extradite criminals. Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, David Anderson QC, has confirmed that police and security cooperation would continue if we Vote Leave. It is in both the UK’s and EU’s interests to do so. 18 non EU countries are members of Europol. Richard Walton the former head of Counter Terrorism Command at New Scotland Yard from 2011-15 has stated that Europol is a useful discussion forum but largely irrelevant to day-to-day operations within the counter-terrorism sphere. The majority of intelligence sharing is conducted bilaterally even amongst EU members. The US government is about to set up a £200 million Joint Intelligence Analysis Centre in the UK clearly showing intelligence sharing on a global basis is what matters. 
Armed Forces Minister Penny Mordaunt, Royal Marines Major General Julian Thomson, Colonel Richard Kemp, former SAS commander General Sir Michael Rose & Sir Richard Dearlove the former head of MI6 have all suggested that the UK would be more secure outside the EU. The former Secretary General of Interpol, Ronald K Noble has said the EU schengen system is ‘like hanging a sign welcoming terrorists to Europe` and ‘an international passport-free zone for terrorists to execute attacks on the Continent and make their escape’.

Remember: the IN campaign is being bankrolled by the big banks and multinational corporations who spend billions making the EU system work for them.

Don’t listen to those who do Britain down. The UK has a bright future outside the EU. The referendum on 23 June is our chance to take back control and spend our money on our priorities. Together, we can do this. The 23rd June is independence day.


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