Flags that glorify murder and represent killers offensive to many


Commenting on the recent erection of IRA D Company flags outside the Millfield campus of Belfast Met, UKIP North Belfast Assembly Candidate, Ken Boyle said:

“This is an absolute disgrace. Sadly it is not an isolated incident either. There is no place in our society for erecting flags which are not only incredibly offensive to many, but they represent the very killers that caused death and utter chaos  in North Belfast and across Northern Ireland.

“Ever since the failed Rebellion of 1916 – Terrorism has stained this part of the world. At a time when we are told daily by our  political leaders –  that we need to move forward and live in a ‘shared space’ is it in any way appropriate that flags are erected which celebrate and glorify the actions of murderers?”

“There can be no place  for celebrating or attempting to justify murder and terrorism. Recent actions and events have shown us that the IRA has not gone away. The label may have changed, but those that have always lurked in the shadows are still out there, and active. Their actions were wrong one hundred years ago, they were wrong when Gerry Kelly and his friends were involved twenty and thirty years ago, they were wrong ten years ago and they are wrong now.  We in UKIP call for calm, and we call upon the PSNI to  remove these flags and others like them,  and clamp down on this sort of behaviour.”


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