Executive need to treat FASA closing as a crisis- need to offer help


We are deeply saddened to learn of the closing of the drugs and suicide prevention charity FASA which has helped thousands, yet has unfortunately been forced to suspend its services.

Commenting on this news, UKIP Assembly Candidate for North Belfast, Ken Boyle said:

“Many vulnerable people in crisis who are feeling suicidal, have self-harmed or have had other serious mental health problems have been helped by FASA over a number years.  I have personally worked with FASA and attended a number of various training courses with them. They are a fantastic service that is greatly needed here. Their hard-working and dedicated volunteers and staff really care about local communities and helping those most in need.

“At a time when suicide rates and self-harm rates have risen locally and the misuse of alcohol and drugs has also been a major issue; organisations like fasa and lifeline are vital resources in our community.

“The Executive need to treat this as a crisis and they need come in quickly and offer help. I have put in an urgent request to meet with the Health Minister, Simon Hamilton and have asked my party leader, David McNarry MLA to attend the meeting.

I am calling on the Executive and the Government to look seriously at this matter as a matter of urgency.  Losing Mental Health services is the very last thing that’s needed here at this time.”

Ken and a number of our other representatives have signed the online petition aimed at keeping the services open. You can find and sign the petition at the link below:



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