Carney comments on EU  nothing but ‘hyped-up scaremongering’


Commenting after the Governor of the Bank of England – Mark Carney commented on the so-called ‘dangers of Brexit’ and the EU Referendum; UKIP Leader in NI, David McNarry MLA said:

“Of course, we can see the IOU’s being called in for appointments to the ‘Tory mafia ‘hit men.’  Will Mark Carney be suspended for his biased stance on the EU like Mr. Longworth – or will he resign with Cameron when the UK votes to exit the European Union on the 23rd June?”

Commenting further, Mr. McNarry added: 

“It is a grubby business listening to those very same Casino playing bankers who all but bust us – telling us how to vote in the EU Referendum. They offer no facts or figures; but only loads of hyped- up scaremongering. “


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