McNarry – UKIP Spring Conference Full Speech

UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA – UKIP National Spring Conference Speech 27thFebruary 2016  Llandudno (Video to follow)


Good Morning Conference!  

Thank you, Llandudno, for your kind invitation to be here this morning.

One day soon it will be my pleasure to say to Conference – Welcome to Belfast – I can promise you a warm welcome – a good time in the capital of our little brother nation in the United Kingdom.

I am very pleased to tell you, UKIP Northern Ireland has a team – a super team of 13 candidates running for Stormont Assembly – 13 with no fear!

It’s not that I am superstitious – but if there is anyone out there – with their deposit and ferry ticket willing – step forward now and volunteer to be no. 14! You’d think Farage or Nuttall would, with a little matter like the Referendum, ease up so that they could find the time to come over – for the cause and fight for us in Londonderry or Fermanagh.

How about it Nigel, you against Martin McGuinness in Londonderry – the People’s Army Commander against the Provo IRA Commander – that would go down in folk lore?

But seriously though – in your name UKIP have a great team of 1 fine young lady and 12 solid men – carrying our Banner into the hostile battle lines of the Assembly elections.  We are growing in Northern Ireland!

We will do well – we will win seats – we will increase our share of the vote – and let me assure you –  we will plant the UKIP brand of non-sectarian, non-racist, strong-willed and dignified British values for British people, right into the heartlands of both Protestant Unionist Loyalism and Catholic Nationalist Republicanism. UKIP will go where UKIP wants to go.

When ‘KIPpers’ knock on the door and say, we want our country back – don’t you? – No-one says ‘which country mate’.  They know that our message is unique and distinct in Northern Ireland – because our country is the same as yours – it’s where you are – our devolved Government is in Belfast – not Dublin or Brussels.  Our allegiance is to one Union – the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  We hold no allegiance to the other union, the EU.

Friends, I listen to Scotland’s most accomplished lady – Nicola Sturgeon and her apprentice Leanne Wood from Wales, and when I do I think of Bernadette Devlin – remember her? 

I reel from their venomous mastery of self-styled, self-proclaimed Scots and Welsh Republicanism.  Too often, bitter in their self-appreciation society, joined at the hip with Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams. Arrogance and hatred. They are no different except they only use the ballot box – not the armalite!

So, I wonder, just when the esteemed people of Wales and Scotland are going to waken up to their anti-British politicians, enjoying the company of and sharing the same goals as the political wing of the IRA – Sinn Fein?

The Welsh – the Scots – the English –The British have never let Northern Ireland down – nearly but not yet!  So Conference, particularly here in Wales, let me say – when one considers Republicanism or Nationalism ‘Be very careful what you wish for’! This Union, our Union is worth saving – this Union is worth protecting, so I say to you within our Union, there is a better way to deliver self-determination. The UKIP way.

How about a real UKIP alternative to the uprooting policies of Plaid Cymru, SNP and Sinn Fein?  How about UKIP together in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff in a United Pro-Union, Pro-British Celtic Coalition of Unionists?  Forged together by UKIP and pledged to work with each other in each of our Celtic Nations for our Union.

You know, I am frightening myself with the thought of Welsh Grit, Scots’ Obstinacy and Ulster Guile – showing what this Union is all about!  OK, I know our rump is in England and thank God for it.

So let’s not forget English Panache – Cameron or Corbyn … pack your bags … UKIP are in the mood again. In all four corners of this United Kingdom, we will again make our mark. 

And friends – lest you are restless – Regionalism is not Republicanism – it is REVIVALISM.

Let’s have an old-time REVIVAL!

In my region, our Health Service is no longer a service – over-worked doctors and nurses – trolley beds for the elderly and A & E’s a danger to all who enter – sound familiar?  Over 100 thousand people in pain waiting on a procedure appointment – sound familiar?

Our Education system denies parental choice at primary level – good teachers are put out to grass at 40 – deprivation is measured by free school meals – sound familiar?

Pensioners choose between eating or heating –

We have foodbanks in the 21stCentury – 

Pre-school places cost as much as a mortgage –

Criminals have more rights than many of their victims – Our roads have potholes like moon craters – the streetlights don’t work and to help the claim culture, our footpaths are like crazy paving – yes, we are all in it together, it’s called deep (… cough) dung!

The litany of incompetence, waffle and austerity, foot-stamping is endless – we don’t have any Tories anywhere about us at Stormont.  Yet their influence stretches to Belfast with the iron hand of Fancy Dan wide boy millionaires; most of whom have never held down a proper job in their lives – knocking 10 bells out of my people, recovering from 40 years of terrorism.

Come on UKIP – Come on Conference – our minds are clear, let’s clear the minds of the people.  They are with us on the external extremities of the EU – now let’s bring the people with us on the internal straight-jackets imposed on our country.

On which matter let me say, with due respect, my candidates are concentrating on the 5th May Election – their focus is winning seats for UKIP – they will.  Come the 6th May, I hope our celebrations will immediately turn towards the job to be done for the 23rd of June.

For my part, I have a role to deliver the election in tandem with the Referendum Campaign.  Both will be done but right now the Election comes first.

So, let me thank those who thought they would never see the day when our Great People and this Great Nation of Unionists would finally get the right to GO, GET OUT and LEAVE this European Union. 

Thank you Nigel Farage and our MEPs, this opportunity has been hard fought to win – don’t throw it away.

At home Sinn Fein have let the cat out of the bag or, in their case, brought out the ‘rusty rifles’ to threaten again.  They have declared a vote to remain in the EU, is their best ticket to ‘get a United Ireland’ – well thanks for that Gerry.  If Sinn Fein want to stay in, that’s good enough for 500 thousand Unionists to come out – if ever we needed another reason, Gerry Adams has delivered big time.

Chairman, on this welcome distraction on the matter of the European Union, let me say UKIP is much more than a Party – UKIP is a cause – a very worthwhile cause, which I believe in.

It’s a cause for people, not for egos – it’s a cause for people not for personal ambition.  It’s a cause that people in my country are responding to in good faith, not to be let down.

Why?  Let me tell you!  Northern Ireland has the only land border in the U.K.  It rests against the EU’s largest benefactor and cheerleader, our friendly neighbours in the Irish Republic- and most are our friends.

Yet even friends interfere and worse, some talk with twisted tongues.

Take a couple of weeks ago when Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, stood outside Downing Street – almost weeping – at the thought of the British leaving the EU

He worries deeply for his British friends and the effect there could be on cross-border trade.

Let me tell you about the U.K.’s only land border – it is invisible!  My good friend Steven Woolfe MEP crossed it with me a few months ago and he was wondering when a policeman from either side would apprehend us – he has photographic evidence of his visit – no markings to say you have crossed from a Sovereign Country to a neighbouring republic.

You do notice the signs change for the different language – you notice also the speed signs are in kilometres.

No-one patrols the border – there are no border checks – no passport controls, absolutely nothing – it is the traffickers’ dreamland!

So tell me, Prime Minister, when you say this about your Brussels deal; “We will be out of the parts of Europe that don’t work for us – OUT OF OPEN BORDERS”.

Which Border are you talking about – NOT OURS – NOT THE U.K.’s ONLY LAND BORDER – which one, Prime Minister, is it?

Does ‘Out of Open Borders’ mean therefore, Mr Cameron, you will inform Taoiseach Kenny that Border controls will be introduced on the 24th June?

In Dublin, the Garda Síochána considers young, radical Muslims to be of more concern security-wise than dissident IRA groups.  Our police, the PSNI, believe that an Islamic attack has moved from moderate to serious – this is the British Land Border I am talking about. This is Belfast – a British City.

So, will you tell the inconsolable, Mr Kenny, your European Ally, who in a few weeks’ time will be celebrating the 1916 Irish Rebellion and demonising us British – that no more Open Borders include his!  Will you be saying; no more Open Borders, doesn’t mean the only land border we have?

Conference, it’s our territorial border, the very same used by the IRA to cross over and commit atrocities and to then sneak back in darkness into their Irish Safe Haven of comfort and freedom from justice.

Right now, today as I speak, this porous border is a gateway for illegal undesirables, criminals, people-traffickers crossing into the United Kingdom – some stop in my country – most move across the ferry routes into your regions. 

It’s easy!  There are no checks – they simply walk in undetected!  I think I’ve made my point, Prime Minister.

Conference, a couple of things before I go;

I have lived through a dirty, bloody, sinister war and never was or would it be that sectarianism or racism were things to follow, not then, not now, not ever.

I have seen the results of both at work and let me tell you they stink.  But not as much as the wreaking stench choking me when I listen to the hypocrites who have used the back door for EU funding when their case didn’t stack up for legitimate money.

They and their likes are no good for the United Kingdom.  Carpet Baggers PLC brings only ruination.

UKIP – be strong with One Voice, One Message, One Cause – Get out there and bring the Grassroots with you! Tell them this proud Ulsterman said: “There’s nothing wrong in being plain Old British!”



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