Higginson: MLAs have failed to develop a proper economic policy


Higginson sad at Lisburn Glass Group closure and says MLAs have failed to develop a proper economic policy

60% of MLA private members motions deal with social issues like same-sex marriage and only 19% with the economy 

Brian Higginson, UKIPs candidate for Lagan Valley in the May Assembly elections has spoken of the insidious loss of jobs from well established firms following the closure of the Lisburn Glass Group in Blaris Industrial Estate.

“First and foremost, I am deeply sorry for the 30 workers who have lost their jobs. The firm had a nationwide reputation in the industrial and commercial glazing market. What is most worrying is that this is a long-established firm with 45 years of behind it. In the last 8 years of recession we have seen the closure of many firms with a long history. Most famous was an English ironmongers which had been in business for over 480 years. So we all need to be aware that this recession is reaching deeper than any previous recession including the 1929 crash.”

“That is why we need a proper industrial policy developed at Stormont and not just the sticking plaster solutions being applied at the moment such as drafting in terms from DETI to help those made redundant. That may be worthy but it is not good enough. Stormont needs new MLAs who will really get to grips with our economy. It is very telling that out of the 149 Private Members’ Motions debated in the Assembly between 2013 and 2015, 60% deal with social issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion while a mere 19% deal with economic issues. A further 13% deal with security related issues and 3% with environmental issues. While I am not denying that social issues have their place, it is clear from these figures that the MLAs are obsessed with them. It is also clear that, in comparison, the present MLAs have a very low level of interest in economic issues.”


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