Hill: Others need to come clean on issue of E.U. membership


Commenting on the importance of the referendum on membership of the European Union and other parties continual fence-sitting on the issue, UKIP Representative and Assembly Candidate for South Antrim, Robert Hill said:

“The DUP fear of the electorate rejecting them because they don’t have a definitive and united stance on whether to leave or stay in the European Union becomes clearer by the day. Their repeated attempts to get this referendum moved as far away from the Assembly elections as possible is a clear indication of this. Blaming people getting confused is complete nonsense,  and doesn’t say much for what they think of the electorate.
“The people of South Antrim know the difference between the Assembly and the E.U. To say otherwise is to insult them. People deserve to know where parties stand on this important issue before they vote.”

Mr. Hill added:

“UKIP has been the party consistently leading the way in Northern Ireland in calling for the United Kingdom to regain control of its own destiny  and exit this failed European Union. Our country has no say over the control of its own borders, many of our laws are made by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels and we pay £55 Million a day for the privilege of being a member of this club. It’s clearer now, more than ever that we need to leave the E.U. We in UKIP will continue our grassroots campaign of saying NO to E.U. membership. Other parties have a decision to make.

I would urge the DUP to come clean now and lay out their position on the referendum.  Let the electorate know what they are voting for BEFORE the Assembly election.”


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