LED lighting scheme in Craigavon area not for for purpose


Commenting on the LED lighting scheme in the Craigavon area, UKIP ABC Cllr. and Assembly Candidate for Upper Bann, David Jones said:

“Before he left Ministerial Office, Danny Kennedy announced a pilot scheme in the Craigavon area for the replacement of street lights to LED lighting. Subsequent contact with Minister Michelle McIlveen reveals that 15,000 lights are to be changed at a cost of £3m. At the time 8,000 had been completed.  The results of the scheme where it has been in action so far are disgraceful. We have received a great number of complaints, perhaps the highest number ever on any issue; but despite contact with the Lighting Division – so far nothing has changed. A request to come and speak to the ABC Council has so far not taken place.
“They have said in some instances the poles need readjusted or other work needs carried out. They have even commented  that the new lights will ‘just take some time to get used to.’ Amongst the complaints we have received, one was from a visually impaired gentleman who now is unable to leave his house in the dark for fear of falling down and injuring himself (or worse.)
“The general complaint is that the new lights in their present state do not defuse the light to the surrounding areas. Concern is expressed at the danger of falling, tripping on uneven footpaths. Also, members of the public and the PSNI have stated concern that dark areas could be used to assist house breakers and burglaries. The state of the new lighting can be seen from the attached photos.”
Commenting further, Councillor Jones added:

“At UKIP we understand these LED lights are more environmentally friendly and cost less to run. We feel obliged to ask where will be the money savings if poles have to be altered or new ones fitted?  Was a proper survey carried out prior to the introduction of the scheme – and if so why were these problem not discovered? As the scheme continues unabated,  when will these alterations be carried out? We are concerned the Craigavon area will be left with a street lighting system not fit for purpose and in fact potentially dangerous.”
Light does not disperse around surrounding area


Old lights



To right of photo is a garden and house which cannot be seen.image1


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