Could someone inform DRD EU Referendum campaign has started


Commenting on the E.U. Referendum campaign and the “start date”, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA said:

“The E.U. Referendum has been officially opened by David Cameron. Events have been taking place right across the country. Here in Northern Ireland, UKIP has been leading the way in getting the message out loud and clear that we need to free ourselves from the EU and get our country back. 

“If you turn on the TV news – the EU Referendum Campaign is the top story. It’s all over Brussels and Westminster, the newspapers are full of referendum talk, and it’s plastered all over social media. People are talking about the EU referendum. 

“The DRD has decided that the Say NO To EU Referendum posters must be taken down or a fine will be issued. Posters and boards form part of a campaign. Before issuing further threats, could the Department of Regional Development please enlighten us on when
they think the EU Referendum campaign starts? 

Could someone please let the DRD know that the Prime Minister, David Cameron says it is on now!”

UKIP fury over referendum poster fine threat by DRD Via newsletter:


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