McNarry surprised by NI First Minister wanting  Brexit vote put off


David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland is surprised by the First Minister wanting the June Brexit vote put off. Only UKIP among NI parties not fence sitting on EU.
Commenting on the EU referendum being held in June, Mr. McNarry said:

“Our First Minister writing to the Prime Minister begging him not to hold a referendum in June is a surprising cop-out. What is the point in bringing people out in September or even next year when they are even more ready to vote to exit after Cameron’s non-event negotiations? Anyone who really wants to exit the EU wants to do so as soon as possible. Quite apart from that, the Prime Minister made it quite clear that he was dismissing the September date in his House of Commons reply earlier today.”

Mr. McNarry added:

“The fact is that it is only UKIP among the NI parties actively pressing to exit the EU. All the others parties are failing the people by fence-sitting and confusing the voters. The so called ‘big’ parties here are in denial, not wanting to have EU issues complicating their Assembly election manifestos. The truth is they are deceiving the people with their defeatist talk. Brexit is the biggest political question of the age. Only UKIP wants the people given their voice. ” 


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