McNarry: Cameron deal leaves Northern Ireland exposed

McNarry says Cameron deal leaves Northern Ireland exposed


David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has said that David Cameron’s EU deal leaves Northern Ireland, the only UK region with a land border with another EU state, exposed.

Mr. McNarry said:

“Sensible people will see that free movement across the Irish border leaves Northern Ireland vulnerable to uncontrolled movement of people, an easy target for illegal migrants and people traffickers.

“When the EU referendum comes, most likely in June at the same time as the Assembly election, voters here will need to Say NO to the EU and vote to ‘LEAVE’ to protect the Province from uncontrolled immigration, let alone the enormous threat cheap EU labour poses to jobs here, especially to jobs for our young people who already suffer from the highest level of youth unemployment in the UK – 22% compared to England’s 16%. Cameron has left us exposed and at risk. Parents will see that a vote to LEAVE in the EU referendum is the only way to protect their children.”

“David Cameron has agreed to a virtually unworkable system which still sends benefits money to families of EU workers abroad and which doesn’t even put a stop to immediate benefits payable to EU workers, opting instead for a ‘graduated’ system which will still pay some benefits at once.  It is a pipe dream to put total reliance on 55% of the other EU countries agreeing with him. He is now their hostage if he agrees to that. Make no mistake about it, the EU vote will have to be to ‘LEAVE’ to protect our jobs and our children’s futures. The fence sitting on the EU issue by local parties is lamentable and only UKIP is giving the people straight talking.”


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