UKIP call for all NI Councils to propose zero increase in rates

Statement on behalf of UKIP’s Northern Ireland Assembly Candidates 

“UKIP are calling for all Councils in Northern Ireland to propose a zero increase in their rates for the incoming year.

“Times are tough right now for many. People up and down this country are struggling to pay their way throughout daily life and they need some form of stability. 

The business sector is struggling to keep ahead with the development of their businesses and continued employment of workers.  A rates increase across the board will only add to the burden that businesses face in the incoming years. 

“We are calling on all councils to be creative in their expenditure to reduce the burden on the ratepayer.”



Rate setting for Councils :  Just where do your rates go?

  • Your total rates bill is made up of two parts: the regional rate (55%), which goes to central government (NI Executive), and the district rate (45%), which goes to Councils

Income from the district rate is used to meet the costs of providing services like:

  • leisure centres
  • bin collections and waste disposal
  • street cleaning
  • community services
  • parks
  • events such as festivals
  • economic initiatives 
  • building control
  • Cemeteries.

Regional rates

The Department of Finance and Personnel sets the regional rates as a contribution towards services provided by central government departments.

Regional rates are the same throughout Northern Ireland.

What does it pay for?

Income from the regional rate is used to meet the costs of providing services like:

  • education
  • health 
  • personal social services
  • housing
  • roads
  • sewerage
  • Water.



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