Higginson calls for upgrade of Dundrod airport road to Lisburn


Brian Higginson calls for upgrade of Dundrod airport road to Lisburn

UKIP candidate criticises rigid bureaucratic DRD thinking

Brian Higginson, UKIPs candidate for Lagan Valley in the Assembly elections, has called for a significant upgrade of the B101 Dundrod road from Lisburn to Belfast International Airport.

“The route is the one people use and have always used,” explained Mr Higginson. “It is a ludicrous idea to imagine that people heading for Lisburn would use the A26 which, being A class, is significantly better. Even then, travellers would still have to use the A3 or M1 motorway to connect to Lisburn. It is miles out of the way.” 

“The facts of the case are that there is an international airport and there is a city – Lisburn – with 120,000 people connected effectively by a B class road. That is a major failure of road planning. The bureaucratic mindset of DRD does not see that simple fact. DRD sees an A class road and a B class road and they have different standards for each. There are big consequences arising from this rigid thinking. There are places, for example, on the B class road where there is no white line marking the edge of the road. That is dangerous, especially in night driving with oncoming headlights. There is a lot which could be done to improve the B class road and it should be done right away.” 

“DRD is more interested in persecuting and fining motorists in the middle of Belfast than it is in dealing with the real road connection problems which exist. Signage is another issue. Coming from Belfast International Airport there is only one road sign to Lisburn for miles. There are signs to Loanends but not Lisburn. Does a 120,000 city not merit more signs? Once again, it is the B class road bureaucratic thinking of DRD at work. Lisburn pays a fortune in rates. It’s time there was some payback.”


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