McNarry and Crosby unfold new Anti EU poster in NI

McNarry and Crosby unfold new Anti EU poster in Northern Ireland

David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, and Stephen Crosby, UKIP’s Candidate for Strangford in the forthcoming Assembly election, today launched the new “Say No to the EU” poster in Northern Ireland.


David McNarry MLA with UKIP Strangford Assembly candidate Stephen Crosby
launching the first of a hundred anti EU posters.

“Only UKIP has a clear position among the Northern Ireland parties. UKIP are out of the blocks leading the way out of the EU. The Prime Minister will return from negotiations in Brussels with nothing substantive to sell to the UK electorate. A June referendum is increasingly being predicted. Other parties here in Northern Ireland are undecided and dithering on what is the most important decision the British electorate will make in our lifetime. Only UKIP will help lead Britain into its new future, once more trading across the world without the chains of the bureaucratic, red-tape obsessed EU holding us back.”



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