McNarry: Putting patients first must be the priority

UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA has said that putting patients first has to be the operative means to “wrench responsibility from those in charge of the chaos that sick people are constantly caught in.”


Mr McNarry continued:

“For those people, I hope that the new health experts bring with them urgent remedies to reduce the hundreds of thousands of patients in pain stuck on lengthy waiting lists. 

Therefore the question arises: Are we now to dispense with the ‘experts’ we currently have? Has it finally hit home that they have failed the NHS?”

Mr. McNarry added:

“For sure, introducing international experts will turn into a contest with the Minister’s current advisors. What can’t happen is dithering decisions by a batch of experts causing a dallying minister not to know which advice to take for the best.”

“Are we in for decisions on the flip of a coin? People need to know.”


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