McNarry Assembly motion on sugar tax

McNarry tables Assembly motion on sugar tax  
Support growing for action on sugar!
UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA, has said that since last October when he tabled a motion for debate in the Assembly, the issue of sugar has taken off big style with positive results.

“However, we need to have sugar options removed especially for children. I’m not in the business of telling Mums & Dads what to do. But to those seemingly oblivious to the dangers of sugar I stick to my call for a sugar tax in the absence of a sugar ban.

A recent study by the Government of 3400 children aged from 4 to 10 years old showed five year olds consume their body weight in sugar each year with drastic repercussions. 
“I welcome the revelation that supermarkets now want laws to force a 50 per cent cut in sugar content of cakes, biscuits, breakfast cereals, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks.

“This is a dramatic U-turn for supermarkets and it shows the way forward for Mums & Dads and their children.”

Mr. McNarry added:

“So far the silence from our local Health Minister is alarming. I call upon him to spell out now his policy thoughts on restricting sugar as part of a child’s daily diet. Simon Hamilton has the power to set the standards for other to follow. I challenge him to break out from his hesitancy mode and introduce new rules in the final months of this Assembly.”

Motion tabled by David McNarry MLA

 “That this Assembly calls on the Health Minister to fully consider the merits of introducing a ‘Sugar Tax’ on overloaded sugar content drinks as a protection for Children’s Teeth Health and reports back to the Health Committee within 3 months”. 


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