Call out delay could cause huge risks

Following a meeting today with a number of concerned Firefighters.

UKIPs MLA David McNarry and Councillor Noel Jordan have expressed their grave concerns over the Fire Service reductions in man-power impacting across Northern Ireland. Call out delay could cause huge risks. Cllr. Noel Jordan a former retained firefighter who represents Carrickfergus on the Mid & East Antrim Council said “I am worried about the safety aspects particularly coming up to the Christmas and New Year festivities. Without adequate cover the Fire Service could find itself over-stretched should the call outs necessitate responses to too many emergencies.

“I call upon the public to be very responsible and extra careful so as not to get into trouble. The Fire Service is only in a position to provide limited cover across the country. I call on the Fire Service to recruit as a matter of urgency”. David McNarry said – “Noel and I have received information which is concerning regarding the availability of fire crews. I have prepared the following set of questions to put to the Minister immediately after the holiday recess. People will see that the nature of my questions hit the key areas of working practices our firefighters are enduring.”

  1. What recruitment is planned this coming year for full & part-time firefighters to fill the huge understaffing across NI?
  2. Is the Minister aware that inadequate recruitment has caused serious manpower shortages which put the safety of people and property at risk?
  3. Will the Minister meet representatives of both the Fire Authority and the Fire Brigade Union to bring about additional recruitment across NI?
  4. Is the Minister confident that the NI Fire Service is fully equipped to cope with terrorist bomb incidents either ISIS or dissident IRA organised in our cities and towns?
  5. Are financial restraints imposed on the Fire Service directly affecting its ability to ensure safety all round?
  6. Has the Minister concern that response increases in times are highlighting the risk factor for all call outs?

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