Cut rates Minister stop spending on expensive public realm projects

“Cut rates Minister Storey and stop spending on expensive public realm projects.”


Councillor David Jones, the UKIP Assembly candidate for Upper Bann and a Councillor on the new ABC council, has said :

“Mervyn Storey, the Social Development Minister by not allocating funding to councils for town regeneration, even though he admits they are best placed to actually do the job, and by allocating money for white elephant public realms projects, is not tackling the core problem faced by most of our towns.”

Commenting further, Councillor Jones added:

“Shops, especially our small, independent traders, need to see significant rates reductions. That is what will determine if many businesses will continue to operate or not. Painting empty fake shop fronts is a fake response to a real problem in our towns. Traders in Portadown, Lurgan and Banbridge want a cut in rates and not pie-in-the-sky solutions to real problems.”


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