Border control fiasco put us at risk


David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland has said : 
“Todays ‘National Audit Report’ on the   UKs border controls is scathing in its condemnation of the inadequate poor management, in practice we are failing to keep out undesirables. The report also highlights in essence how the UKs only land border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic is virtually ignored and vulnerable.”

“Recently in a statement responding to my concerns over IS activity in the Irish Republic and the potential of an attack in Belfast, the PSNI told the BBC that the threat of an attack was ‘moderate’. I view the assessment of moderate to be serious enough for people to be on alert. It is important that assurances by the Justice Minister and the PSNI are given. Our people in our cities and towns must be protected and made secure from any attack.”

“With evidence that the UK Borders, including ours are in turmoil this is an open invitation to terrorists to come in – it’s easy enough. The authorities, it seems, can’t stop undesirables boarding planes or ferries and can’t prevent their arrival because of woeful checks. It stands to reason that it is in order to demand what checks the Irish Republic are doing at their Airports & Ferry Terminals. I fear our porous border is open to crossing over by ISIS activists without any checks to stop them.”


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