Dup mixed messages on brexit campaign

DUP Mixed messages on Brexit Campaign

David McNarry and Nigel Farage in Belfast in September at launch of Say NO to EU event

As Nigel Farage has said on many occasions, UKIP will work with anyone in the campaign to get out of the EU.

This morning the DUP put out a statement from Sammy Wilson MP, with him blasting David Cameron’s renegotiation demands as ‘pathetic,’ accompanied by a photo of him alongside UKIP Leader Nigel Farage at a Leave EU event. The statement give the impression  that he and his party were now supporting the Brexit campaign that Nigel and UKIP have been leading the charge with across the United Kingdom, including here in Northern Ireland. As the morning progressed, the same party then put out a clarification saying that they are holding out for David Cameron’s (‘pathetic’) ill-fated renegotiations, and Sammy had in fact gone against the party line.

Commenting on this, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA said:

“Are the DUP in disarray over the Brexit campaign, following Sammy Wilson joining Nigel Farage? At our regional conference at the weekend, I called for DUP to quit fence-sitting on the issue of leaving the EU.”

“The person we now need to hear from is Diane Dodds MEP. Is she still tethered to the fence, while Sammy Wilson has jumped over it?”


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