McNarry: ISIS activity in Ireland is certainly not scaremongering


McNarry says ISIS activity in Ireland is certainly not scaremongering

Complacency is the real danger here says UKIP Leader 

David McNarry MLA, UKIP leader in Northern Ireland, has said :

“Yesterday Stephen Nolan asked me “was I scaremongering on ISIS activity and its threat to Northern Ireland” and Alliance’s Stewart Dickson insinuated in the Newsletter that I was “stirring up anti-immigrant feelings.”

“Last night I notified one of the Nolan show’s producers of the following article showing on the Belfast Telegraph online reports. The headline was “ISIS suspects who slipped back into the Republic of Ireland being monitored by the gardai.” The report highlighted authorities in Europe are on high alert at the weekend, the disclosure that a handful of suspects Isis terrorists have returned to Ireland from Syria / Iraq. The Sunday Independent revealed that associates of the terrorist groups responsible for the Paris atrocity left Ireland to fight in Syria / Iraq, but have returned and are now believed to be located in the Republic.”

“I rest my case. Dublin is only 100 miles down the road through a non – existent, porous border. Every major city in the UK is on alert to an ISIS attack the PSNI say the threat is “moderate.” Moderate is a worrying choice of words in my opinion. My advice is be vigilant and take care. My duty as a politician is to call for assurances that all our people are protected and safe. Isis are a threat.”


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