JONES: Four seasons home closures a ‘bitter blow’


Commenting on the Four Seasons Group home closures, specifically the closure of the Donacloney Home in Banbridge; UKIP ABC Councillor and Prospective Assembly Candidate for Upper Bann, David Jones said:

“It’s very sad news today that the Donacloney home is one of the seven homes belonging to the Four Seasons Group that are due for closure.

“The news of these closures is a bitter blow for staff and residents alike, especially given that this news is coming so close to Christmas period. Many families will be directly impacted by the news. 

“The sad fact is that residents, whom we are sure were well settled, will now have to find alternative accommodation. The same will go for staff, who will now find working arrangements changed, even if they are lucky enough to move to another placement.

“Wider afield this means a reduction in the number of places available for residents. While we hope they will find placements close by no doubt such a change is not what residents or families expected.

“Sadly, this is what can happen in the private sector when profit takes precedence over all else. Care of the elderly should not be subject to market forces. It should be provided on a needs basis. Many of these folk paid into a system designed to give care ‘from cradle to grave.’ They have been let down by politicians who sought to save money.”

Cllr. Jones added:

“This is not good enough and it needs to change. If we want to be a caring society, then we must look after our sick, our elderly and our most vulnerable.

It is a sad day for residents and staff. It is a sad day for us as a society.”


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